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Love and Thanks

Is it uncool to thank the WP universe for the love I experienced last week? I don’t care. I am thanking you all now. I’ve never been known as “cool.”

Last week, I was in Las Vegas with my sisters and mother — the first all-girl reunion we’ve ever had. I thought millions of ideas for blog posts would rise from that and a few are indeed germinating. But right now I’m getting ready for another family visit to my stepdaughter and her husband and then next week, a Mother’s Day visit with The Distiller in Colorado. My heart and days are full of the rich complicated love that comes with visits made intense because they are brief and because they ask us to balance history and the present with grace while getting very little sleep.

But there was more. I received a shot of love from the universe that I never expected. First, a fellow blogger, Oliver Gray, reposted my “Drinking Lessons” piece. Then, last weekend in Las Vegas, as my sister and I were drifting off the sleep around midnight, I glanced at my blog on my iPod. All those notices! I almost shouted when I realized what had happened.

“Mary, I’ve been freshly pressed!”

In true sister fashion, she sat straight up in the dark and said, “That’s great! I’m so proud of you! What does it mean?”

She turned on the light again and began to resurrect her WP log in so she could check it out. At midnight. She’s a good sister.

Since then, I’ve “met” over a hundred new friends and connected with others who have common interests and who were generous and reposted as well. It has been wonderful and I look forward to following them and sharing more from and with them very soon.

So, thank you, universe. I will be thinking of you as I travel over the next two weeks, gathering material and inspiration. There will be something about my mother — after all it is going to be Mothers Day. And I understand that when I get to Colorado, I will be meeting a donkey. Three actually. The Distiller appears to be branching out into new ventures.

The Distiller bought “Jack and Jenny” off Craigslist in February. Turns out Jenny had a little surprise for him. Stanley (below) was born on The Distiller’s birthday a couple of weeks ago.

I can’t wait to find out more.Image


  1. Betsy, this is great! And I know the feeling all too well when I started my blog a few years ago. I was pretty touched and thankful at all of those people out there who responded so beautifully. Love you. PS We can nap.

  2. Well if it is uncool I’m with you as I devoted my blog today to some thanks too!
    Besides isn’t it bad manners not to say thank you when people are being so kind? I love the Donkeys and what an added bonus baby Stanley donkey is!
    Enjoy your trip may every moment be blessed! 🙂

  3. I love your sister’s reaction!! So classic from a non-blogger, but supportive family member 🙂 I always wonder if my neighbours wonder why I take so many pictures of vegetables in my back-yard… I feel like turning to them and just mouthing the word “blogger” but I’m still not sure it would resonate.

    SECONDLY… I love the donkeys. It’s kind of my dream to have one, one day. There’s a “donkey sanctuary” close to where I grew up for all the battered and abused donkeys out there (I guess people are really mean to them? what gives. People are more stupid then animals sometimes.)

    Anyway! All this to say, nice to meet you too! 🙂

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