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If a book club married a writers group, Spark would be their child. Here is where writers and readers can come together to find and share books, stories, essays, and ideas or moments that ignite us and connect us. I’ll share mine. I hope you’ll share yours.

The mission (so far) is two-fold:

  • To support and celebrate the storytellers who live among us, especially now in these challenging times, and to make it easier for readers to find and share the stories they need to hear — no matter what form they come in
  • To lift the veil on the creative process between readers and writers through interviews and discussions so we all learn more about the spark that leads to a finished piece of work

In addition to my usual check-ins, progress reports, random thoughts, and photos of my dog, here’s what subscribers can expect initially:

  • Links to curated suggestions for your TBR lists, short reads, new books, new voices, and new ways of telling stories
  • Regular book reviews and giveaways
  • Regular questions from me seeking your guidance on what I’ve missed and what you’d like to see more of

As we get going, I hope we’ll build on this together. Ideas welcome!


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