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Sunday Sentence: Jason Brown’s Why The Devil Chose New England for His Work

I love reading them, so now I’m joining the #SundaySentence party started by David Abrams over at the Quivering Pen and on Twitter. It’s not a review. It’s not a story. It’s just one sentence I read this week, presented “out of context and without commentary.”

This week’s Sunday Sentences (could not pick just one) are from Jason Brown’s collection, Why The Devil Chose New England For His Work. These are from the last paragraph in his story, “The Lake.” 

“To see that nothing would change if she died was to know she had never lived.”


“He turned around and looked up, as if at a mountain peak or a descending plane, but there was nothing above except for a line of high white clouds pulling up over the valley like a cold sheet.”

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