I have read Gone With the Wind end-to-end sixteen times. I don’t acknowledge the existence of a sequel and once stunned two fifteen-year-old boys who, just to be polite, asked, “Do you think Scarlett and Rhett ever got back together?” with an emphatic “No” followed by a forty minute lecture. The boys have probably recovered by now.


I like to dance as much as the next person but if the song has lyrics that make no sense, it makes me crazy. For that, my sister used to think I was crazy.


Before he was a pundit, John McLaughlin was a Jesuit priest. He knew my family and when invited for dinner, used to bless my siblings and me before we were sent to bed. I wonder if the blessings still count?


One of my most embarrassing moments ever involves shopping at Saks in Boston’s Copley Square with my mother who induced me to try on a very expensive black skirt that was just a smidge too tight. Nearly an hour later, during which my mother and I tried and failed to get me out of said skirt, a tiny woman with a Polish accent had to cut it off me in front of the sales staff of the women’s department. My mother still laughs. I still love her.


My first pet was a cat with seven toes. I don’t remember her name. We always refer to her as the “Seven-Toed-Cat.”


In high school, I won a “Best Supporting Actress” award in the New England Drama Competition for my performance as Clea in “Black Comedy.” That was pretty much the end of my stage career.


I am afraid of crossing bridges in a car. I own three tools designed to help get me out of a vehicle after it has plunged off a bridge into the water. I study this video regularly.


I am also afraid of rats and any rodent that looks like one.


I have skinny-dipped twice. I would like to do it again. Make that: I WILL do that again.


I have five siblings and six step-sibs. My son is the only one who is related by blood to all of us. Chew on that one for a while. Or read more about it here.

Now, tell me a few things about you (in the comments below)!

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  1. Hi Betsy,

    My Mom gave me Casualties for my birthday (she was at your book signing in Jefferson). Very compelling story that I could relate to. Ruth coming to terms with the suicide of her son Robbie brought back a compelling time in my life. On August 1, 1995 my son Jeremy committed suicide in nearby Randolph NH. I was reading Casualties on August 3rd. I enjoyed reading the small references of home, Lost Nation Road
    and Cannon Mountain. Keep up the good work. PS I enjoy walking too (4 miles a day).
    Joyce Gross Roberts

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