Voice: Lost and Found

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Greens delicate, spicy, gorgeous along with arugula flowers which provide a peppery snap

Greens delicate, spicy, gorgeous along with arugula flowers which provide a peppery snap

Hello again. It’s me. I’ve gone missing since early February, at least from this page. Those who’ve been blogging much longer than I have already know what I’ve discovered: use that voice or lose it.

For a host of very good but also not very good reasons, I’ve not written here for the past five weeks or so. I’ve missed the writing and I’ve missed the visiting that happens afterwards. I’ve missed these things much more than I ever thought I would when I first started this blog. The longer I went without starting or, in some cases, finishing a post, the harder it was to find my voice, my words. They were working full time in other parts of my life and my work and when I called upon them here, they shook their heads, turned their backs on me, and punched out on the time clock.

Then, my friend Sue called me up and asked me if I wanted some greens from her garden. I said sure. When Sue calls and asks me if I want anything from her garden, I always say yes. I’ll have more to say on this subject very soon. For the moment, though, let me show you the “few greens” that Sue brought me:

Sue doesn't just give me greens, she presents them on a tray

Sue doesn’t just give me greens, she presents them on a tray

Lettuces, fennel, kale, celery, arugula and arugula flowers which turn out to be delicious as well as pretty.

Greens delicate, spicy, gorgeous along with arugula flowers which provide a peppery snap

Greens delicate, spicy, gorgeous along with arugula flowers which provide a peppery snap

A little later she brought me some sweet peas which are not edible but sure smell nice.


Today, my friend Polly gave me a dozen eggs. They were tan, perfect, and freshly laid by her four hens. “The girls have been busy,” she said when I wondered how she could spare so many.


My friends didn’t just give me food, they gave me tonight’s meal and tomorrow’s breakfast and enough eggs to make a ricotta pie this weekend.

The gifts are like my friends: generous, beautiful, and so nourishing to body and soul. Without realizing it, they gave me everything I needed to write this post. The words came easily. There are only two that really matter:

Thank you.

Here’s how I dined tonight.

I turned some of Sue’s greens, fennel fronds, and the arugula flowers into a chopped salad. I chopped up some of my own mint and basil to add to the mix. Chunks of avocado, a little squeeze of lime, a drizzle of olive oil and some of the nasturtiums that finally showed up this year in my backyard.


Notice the arugula blossom waiting for my first bite:


The kale and what Sue calls her “spicy greens” made a great sautee. Olive oil, a little garlic and a bit of shredded parmesan:


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Elizabeth Marro

Elizabeth Marro is the author of the novel, Casualties, the story of a defense executive who loses her son just when she thought he was safely home from war. Now, she must face the painful truth about her past, her choices, the war, and her son.

11 Comments on “Voice: Lost and Found”

  1. My mouth is watering! But…can you eat nasturtiums? As a kid, I used to suck the nectar out of the bottom of the flower, disappointing, I’m sure, many a hummingbird…

  2. You nailed it, Betsy. If you don’t use it – much like fitness – you can quickly lose it.

    The good news is, a blog has no rules. You can write whatever insanity, inanity, or irrelevance crosses your mind, as long as you can execute it well (thus my entire blog).

    I’m glad you found some inspiration in food. Very fun to read 🙂

  3. It’s true what they say; we eat first with our eyes. Your photos are beautiful and so is your subject. What thoughtful friends you have.

    I’ve blogged for years, and I find that we need a little break now and then to just live life so we have something to write about.

  4. these are so beautiful and i am craving fresh foods so much now with our long cold spell, and so happy you found your way back. it is interesting how unexpected circumstances in life always lead us back towards what we love. beth

  5. What wonderful gifts from your friends! Here in New Jersey, there is still snow on the ground. I am waiting for the day when I start planting my lettuce seeds in my garden.

  6. Everything looks to die for. With the coming of spring, I have been craving nothing but greens. Time to leave those comfort foods behind! Well, maybe a little more cheese today. : )

  7. Your voice is never lost. And sometimes the work we do in silence is as important as the speaking/writing we do in public. I have to believe this myself, as I, too, go through these times of drawing inward. Inhale, exhale, give, receive. It’s all good. And this is a luscious post! (Am loving California this month for all these reasons: greens, flowers, beauty, warmth. You capture it perfectly!)

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