The Agony and the Apotheosis: A Christmas Story

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On the first day of a recent Christmas past, my truelove gave to me… low frequency therapeutic equipment. The product, also called the HBL-502, was “similar to as seen on TV,” according to the information on the box which also included this: “Broad and profound Chinese traditional medicine deducts infinite technological apotheosis.” This could mean that the HBL-502 represented the … Read More

Wild Women Walking

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When I set out to write this essay, I thought I was going to write a droll list of reasons why I could never have written a book like WILD. The list would have included a story about me, a boyfriend from the city, the field behind my parents’ house which shone brightly under the full harvest moon that Labor … Read More

The Gift of Found Time

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“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” ― Annie Dillard A  little over eight years ago my father’s heart stopped. One minute he was clutching his tennis racquet and waiting for the other doubles team to serve. The next, he was on the floor. His wife, an ex-firefighter and an amazing human being, resuscitated … Read More