Sunset 2013

Elizabeth MarroMilestones19 Comments

As 2013 began to draw to its close, the skies over southern California began to light up. For several weeks in December, many of us would be on our way into the house to make dinner only to become spellbound. More than once, the early risers among us caught the moon fading into a glory of blues, golds, violet and, … Read More

State of Pray: New Hampshire Memories

Elizabeth MarroFamily20 Comments

A while back, Mark Koopmans  was looking for people across the country and beyond to represent their states or countries in a project called 50 States of Pray today. Here you’ll find thoughts, reflections, memories, wishes for the future or regrets of the past, perhaps something entirely unexpected, the best kind of gift.  I’m honored to represent the great state of New Hampshire … Read More