Sunday Sentence: A Hard and Heavy Thing, Matthew Hefti

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I love reading them, so I’ve joined the #SundaySentence party started by David Abrams over at the Quivering Pen and on Twitter. It’s not a review. It’s not a story. It’s just one sentence I read this week, presented “out of context and without commentary.”

This week, I had to grab more than one sentence from Matthew Hefti’s A Hard and Heavy Thing. This bit of conversation near the end of the story goes to the heart of the struggle about what it means to live on.

“Does the blood mark him? Ostracize him? … Is he grateful? Or does he live with guilt because he lives and flies and roosts? While the other bird lies limp, broken, dead? Does he ever cry for no reason?”

“Or,” she asked him, “does he savor every moment? Every taste of worm,  every ray of sunshine, every gust that lifts his wings and allows him to coast upon the breeze? Does he savor every touch?”

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Elizabeth Marro

Elizabeth Marro is the author of the novel, Casualties, the story of a defense executive who loses her son just when she thought he was safely home from war. Now, she must face the painful truth about her past, her choices, the war, and her son.

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